One Common Media Lab, O.C.M.L is a creative group brought together by experts in various fields such as photography, videography, graphic design, and styling consultation all based in New York City.

From our 10 years of experience in the fashion business in New York City since 2009, we provide consultation for emerging brands that are seeking to break into the U.S. market in addition to visual media production. 

As professionals in various fields, O.C.M.L delivers creative and customized services for clients with an intuitive and multi-angled perspective on the visual market and fashion industry.


One Common Media Lab Projects are held by professionals who share their creativity and passion to market global fashion and life-style brands.

THE VISUAL DIRECTOR of OCML is an international awarded photographer in commercial to fine arts. Coming from an experience of working as a Visual Director in music and fashion editorial industry in Berlin, Paris, Moscow, Shanghai, and Seoul, OCML is confident to work globally.

THE VIDEO TEAM of OCML is a group of specialists in editing, filming, and VFX (Visual Effects) from an experience in working with ESPN, MTV, Music Entertainment, Commercial Advertisement, and Fashion Film Industry.

HAIR, MAKE UP, AND STYLING TEAM of OCML is directed by a Beauty Specialist who has been working with over 300 events in a year for fashion editorial shoots, theatre, wedding, and private events.

THE BRAND CONSULTANT TEAM of OCML has an experience of working in various of fashion retail industry in New York City over 11 years and has collaborated with over 100 fashion and life-style brands around the world.

To see our specialists’ portfolio, please send us an inquiry to ocml-newyork.com


If you are seeking a careful consultation and creative marketing for your brand, 

contact us to be part of our project. O.C.M.L can help your brand to have a strong identity with creative background consulted by experts based in New York City.

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