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Buster Mandel Candle (Philadelphia Patriot)

Buster Mandel Candle (Philadelphia Patriot)

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Premium, all-natural soy wax candle, wooden wick(s), liberally fragranced with essential oils. Made in U.S.A.



Top: Teakwood

Mid: Cedar, Leather

Base: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amyris, Musk


Buster’s premium, small batch, all natural, no nonsense, pure soy wax candles are masterfully blended with essential oils and hand poured - the old way -  in the USA. They feature rugged, sustainably sourced wood wicks. All candles are cruelty free, and contain none of the toxins commonly found in mass market candles. No carcinogens, no parabens, no phthalates, no lead, no parafin. Buster’s burns cleaner! 

All tin candles come with Buster's proprietary Leverage Crowbar, for ease of opening; the right tool for the right job.

“You get what you pay for!”


"1 Pint": 16oz - Dual Wick - 80+ Hr Burn

"Half Pint": 9oz - Single Wick - 45+ Hr Burn



Once lit, ensure the pool of melted wax reaches all sides of the container before extinguishing. Failing to do so may cause “tunneling”, which can negatively impact future burns.


Ensure wood wicks are trimmed to 1/8” before every use. This allows the flame to effectively burn the wax as fuel. If the wick is too long, only the wood will burn and extinguish shortly after lighting.

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