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Incense Nukubai

Incense Nukubai

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"Earth" : Heals loneliness and brings a peace of mind from the warmth of the ash.

[ Key notes ]

vanilla / tobacco / patchouli / sandalwood

nukubai is inspired by the "Earth" element. The fragrance wraps you with warmth as it spreads a sweet scent. It also hints a little smokiness as it moves on to the deep and refined scent of sandalwood. It fills the room with tenderness.

The fragrance of incense is best enjoyed from a little distance.

[ Component ] Machilus dry bark powder, perfume
[ Box Size ] 65 x 170 x 20 (mm)
[Content ] 40 incense sticks and incense stand
[ Burn time of one incense ] Approximately 30 minutes

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